Taking the First Steps Towards Repairing Your Colorado Springs Home’s Stained Glass

Taking the First Steps Towards Repairing Your Colorado Springs Home’s Stained Glass

Colorado Springs homes have some of the most beautiful, antique stained glass pieces in the nation. These antique stained glass panels are usually treasured by homeowners due to their sentimental and monetary value. Stained glass can feature such powerful imagery ranging from religious symbolism to heritage crests and more. We’re happy to give back to our community by helping Colorado Springs homeowners repair and restore their original stained glass windows.

Fully Restore Stained Glass to its Original Beauty by Contacting Experienced Professionals

Colorado Springs Stained Glass has an accredited restoration process that’s received nationwide recognition. We’ve completed hundreds of restoration projects in churches, historic commercial properties, and residences. We’re proud to say that our restoration process can actually bring your stained glass to its original beauty and potentially add another 100 years to its lifespan. We hope that generations to come will value this historical and heritage preservation and continue to restore these antique stained glass pieces. Our customers are always stunned by the luminous quality of their newly restored stained glass after reinstallation.

Stained Glass Restoration from Colorado Springs Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Contact a Stained Glass Designer Who is an Expert in Repair and Restoration

We’re the recognized leader in stained glass restoration in the country. We understand all the different stained glass creation methods from every time period, therefore, can complete proper restoration of any stained glass featured in your Colorado Springs home. If you’re unsure if your stained glass is a candidate for restoration, we’re happy to help! Through an on-site consultation, we can determine whether or not your stained glass needs repair, restoration, or replacement. By presenting the cost-benefit analysis of all your options, you’ll be able to make the most informed decisions.

For more information regarding your Colorado Springs home’s stained glass repair or restoration or for a free consultation, please give us a call anytime: (719) 445-7089

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