Religious Stained Glass

Religious Stained Glass in Southern Colorado

One of the most well- known applications of our product, or any stained glass installation, is in churches. Religious groups have been using stained glass for over 1200 years and many churches all over the world are filled with these beautiful pieces.

Scottish Stained Glass can assist with the addition of stained glass to an existing church or a new construction situation. We have extensive experience with both new church panels and replacing damaged or broken pieces and since each piece is custom, no two churches will look the same.

Our team can design beautiful floral windows, biblical depictions or whatever compliments your congregation. Scottish Stained Glass has created many different styles for numerous denominations in Colorado. The options are endless, and our designers will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for.
Our step by step process begins with an on-site consultation for your church. Thereafter, our designers will begin creating designs that fit your needs. Our expert team can help you make key decisions on your windows. We have over 24 years of experience in Colorado with the best quality glass in the industry. Let the leading providers of stained glass in the nation give you the peace of mind with the knowledge that you have invested in a great work of art for your congregation that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Church Stained glass Restoration in Colorado Springs

Scottish Stained Glass has expert artisans and designers to restore antique pieces as exactly as possible. Many churches in Colorado are old and some of the stained glass might have been damage over the years. With over 600 colors to choose from, we have the ability to match the colors of your original windows very closely.

Founder Martin Faith learned the subtle craft of stained glass in his home of Scotland, and his experience reflects in all our artisans and designers, who take the time to make sure each piece is created with care. Restoring and replacing old stained glass is a delicate process. Contact us today to get started on your religious stained glass piece in Colorado.

Scottish Stained Glass Colorado Springs

For over 20 years our experienced and reliable team has been building and restoring beautiful leaded glass for religious facilities such as churches, temples, etc. in the Colorado area, providing a high quality lasting product. If you have ideas, questions, or need advice with any type of stained glass project for your church, please call us today at 719-380-9193 and we will be happy to help you because we love to make people smile!