What Is the Painted Glass Restoration Process?

What Is the Painted Glass Restoration Process?

Homes, churches, and businesses throughout the Colorado Springs area have some of the most gorgeous antique stained glass features. These stained glass windows often have painted glass components that add depth and uniqueness. When it comes to restoring your stained glass, you may be curious about the painted glass. Does painted glass require restoration and what does the process exactly entail? Painted glass restoration is a complex process that requires significant training and skill.

The Painted Glass Restoration Process for Colorado Springs Properties

Painted glass restoration should be completed every 75 to 100 years for those looking to preserve their stained glass. When it comes to restoring painted glass, you’ll need a trained artist that understands proper conservation. When we have your stained glass back at our studio, it will be soaked in a special solution for about two weeks in order to remove all the dirt and debris. This also allows us to disassemble it with no major effort. Painted glass restoration requires extensive color matching which is achieved through a trial-and-error basis. Once we create the perfect color match, our painted glass artist will replicate every brush stroke with precision. Painted glass restoration is completed in layers, meaning the glass has to be transported to the kiln for firing each time.

Work with Colorado Springs’ Best Painted Glass Restoration Studio

Colorado Springs Stained Glass is honored to be the best painted glass restoration studio in the Southern Colorado area. Our team of stained glass artisans is happy to help you with all your restoration needs. We always pay homage to the original artist during any restoration project and keep as much of the original intact as possible. We’ve helped restore countless painted glass features and would love the opportunity to work with yours.

For more information regarding the painted glass restoration process for your property, please contact us!

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