Commercial Stained Glass

Commercial Stained Glass in Southern Colorado

When you own a business you want your customers to have a very unique experience. Scottish Stained Glass can create a custom piece of glass to enhance the look and feel of your company. Many of our clients who choose us are hotels, bars, casinos, and even retail locations.

Hotel and Casino Stained Glass in Colorado Springs

Some of our most impressive work has been in hotels and Casinos. The options are endless for a completely unique work of art to your business that will become a beautiful focal point. Our glass work is like art and can always be created to compliment your current decor. A great place to look is by adding a focal point to a lobby area. This becomes something that your building is known for and brings business to you. The Boulderado Hotel in Boulder for example has become famous for it’s magnificent stained glass ceiling, fully restored by Scottish Stained Glass a few years ago.

Many casinos have a colorful and bright palate throughout the building they lend themselves very easily to stained glass signs, windows and even doors. Scottish Stained Glass can create an upscale look by adding stained glass signs to designate certain areas in your casino, or doors to separate offices without upsetting the decor. Scottish Stained Glass has works of art on display in Cripple Creek, Central City and Blackhawk casinos.

Bar and Restaurant Stained Glass in Colorado

Adding stained glass to a bar or a restaurant helps to distinguish your business from others. Scottish Stained Glass can help to incorporate a particularly style with a custom sign with the name of your bar or restaurant on it. Stained glass can also add privacy between your customers in a restaurant, adding a beveled or leaded glass partition is a beautiful way to separate space. Also, if your restaurant sits on a street where pedestrians can look inside consider incorporating stained glass to keep some privacy but still have the natural light for your customers. Our talented team of designers can accommodate any of your needs since each piece is completely custom.

Stained Glass in Colorado Retail Locations

No matter what your business entails, Scottish Stained Glass can create the perfect addition to your commercial location. Our unique glass work can fit in with whatever you sell in your retail location. One nice application is to add stained glass to your dressing room doors. This adds a beautiful style to an otherwise plain area, giving the area a high-end feel while still offering much needed privacy.Contact us today to set up an on-site consultation, or just get answers to your questions!