Castle Rock

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows for Castle Rock, Colorado

Colorado Springs Stained Glass is proud to provide our neighbors in the foothills with custom stained glass windows and doors. Castle Rock has a reputation for not only its gorgeous natural landscape but also its beautiful homes. With stained glass, you can make your Castle Rock home look as stunning as the setting in which it resides. Choose from a wide range of styles such as contemporary, prairie style, antique, and more to give your home that breathtaking look you’ve always dreamed of having.
stained glass entry castlerock

Stained Glass Entryways & Custom Doors

Add privacy and elegance to your Castle Rock home with a stained glass entryway. Stained glass creates a high end look for the street facing facet of your home. Its an addition that’s sure to evoke envy in your neighbors and can potentially raise your resale value. Furthermore, due to its thick, leaded appearance, stained glass has the ability prevent others from looking into your home, giving your family more privacy and security.
bathroom stained glass castle rock

Bathroom Stained Glass Privacy Windows

One of the most popular places that we install stained glass is in bathroom and shower areas. Stained glass provides privacy without blocking out natural light, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Colorado sun year round. Stained glass can transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa that’s comfortable and relaxing for both you and your guests.
kitchen stained glass castle rock

Kitchen & Dining Room Stained Glass

Take your kitchen design to the next level with a custom stained glass window or cabinet. Stained glass is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and refinement to your kitchen or dining area. We can also create specialized display cases, pantry doors, and more. For a sophisticated look in your kitchen, opt for stained glass.

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