Del Rio Profile Project– Church Stained Glass Restoration

Del Rio Profile Project– Church Stained Glass Restoration

We’ve completed hundreds of religious stained glass restorations over the past couple decades, but one of our favorite, larger projects was the First United Methodist Church located in Del Rio. Del Rio is a small border town located in Texas, featuring this beautiful, history-rich church. One of the church members actually noticed the beginning signs of deterioration. When we arrived for our on-site consultation, we were stunned by all the original stained glass housed in this quaint church. With 28 antique stained glass windows, there was so much rich imagery and symbolism that was inspiring to our team.

Del Rio Church Stained Glass Assessment

Our team of stained glass experts observed the stunning quality of the antique stained glass and all the beautiful hand painted details. It was quite evident however, that every piece required immediate restoration. The lead framing in each individual piece was beginning to warp with age and many of the glass pieces were becoming convex or concave in shape. We determined the root cause of deterioration as overexposure to heat. The original installers had placed plexiglass over the top of the stained glass which has led to trapped heat that inevitably warped the leading and glass. The plexiglass also developed a yellow hue from heat buildup, distorting the stained glass view from outside. Other causes of deterioration were determined in materials used and design faults. Our assessment allowed us to create a custom restoration plan to ensure these issues wouldn’t happen again.

Church Stained Glass Restoration

Since all 28 windows needed extensive restoration, we completed the project in phases. This benefited the church greatly, so they were able to host fundraisers for their stained glass restoration. The fundraisers funded almost the entire restoration project! The project took us a total of 19 months to complete– 18 months to restore the stained glass and one month for window removal and reinstallation. We’re proud to preserve their historic value and to prolong their stained glass for another century.

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