What’s the Best Way to Clean Stained Glass?

What’s the Best Way to Clean Stained Glass?

Keeping your stained glass in good shape can extend the periods of time between restoration. Proper maintenance is key for any investment but is crucial for stained glass. In order to keep your stained glass in good condition, keeping a regular cleaning schedule with the right methodology is so important. Stained glass care starts with you and can give you the opportunity to check on your investment regularly so you catch any damages that may need repair or restoration.

The Best Way to Clean Your Colorado Springs Stained Glass

We recommend keeping a regular cleaning schedule for your stained glass. While it is optimal to clean weekly or biweekly, make sure to clean your stained glass at least once a month. When cleaning your stained glass, make sure you have the proper equipment. Always use a neutral PH soap mixed with warm water for a nice, mild cleaning agent. Never use anything with ammonia! Windex has ammonia and it is commonly found in many cleaning agents. Ammonia will actually create a chemical reaction with the lead or zinc came, creating accelerated deterioration. Finding a soft, non-abrasive cloth is also crucial for proper cleaning. Stained glass is quite delicate and can easily become scratched. We recommend using a gentle microfiber cloth along with your neutral PH soap mixture.

Work with Colorado Springs’ Preferred Stained Glass Studio

If you notice any damages in your stained glass during your regular cleanings, contact us immediately. Being proactive with repairs and restoration can make a huge difference in terms of saving money and time. We’re happy to provide maintenance support as well and give preventative tips for keeping everything in good condition. Work with our repair and restoration experts.

For more information regarding stained glass maintenance and repairs, please contact us!

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