Colorado Springs Stained Glass Myths: Stained Glass Breaks Easier Than Regular Windows

Colorado Springs Stained Glass Myths: Stained Glass Breaks Easier Than Regular Windows

Why Stained Glass Is Durable Enough For Your Colorado Springs Church

If you are like many churches in the Colorado Springs area you either have or want stained glass in your church not only because it is traditional but because it is absolutely gorgeous too! However, we often hear from churches like you that stained glass is something your church is holding off on purchasing because you believe it to be too fragile of a window to invest in. After all, churches are often on tight budgets and simply can’t afford to buy an amazing window only to risk it breaking at some point in the near future. We, at Colorado Springs Stained Glass, are here to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth and want to take the time to set the record straight on the durability of stained glass for churches.

The Durability Of Stained Glass And What This Means For Your Colorado Springs Church

Stained glass, as you may not know, is actually just as strong as regular glass. This is in large part because the composition is nearly identical to the glass you have in your windows right now. In fact, leaded stained glass, in some ways is stronger than a normal glass window because often times breakage is limited to just one panel, so you don’t need to replace the whole window–just one panel. Furthermore, if you have stained glass in your church right now from the early part of the 20th century, that glass could actually be stronger than today’s glass because of the formula turn of the century American glass makers used! This doesn’t mean stained glass windows in your church will never need repair, restoration or in some cases replacements–but it does mean they are built to last. In fact, most stained glass windows will last 80-100 years after installation before needing restoration! So go ahead and buy that glass your congregation has been considering. Just remember, who you have installed your glass will play a significant role in how long it lasts. Hiring a quality contractor like us at Colorado Springs stained glass will ensure the long life and lovely luster of your church’s stained glass into the next century!

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Martin Faith is a highly skilled stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. He has been studying the history, evolution, and techniques behind stained glass creation for over 35 years. Since 1991, he has been running his own stained glass studio based out of Colorado. Martin feels a personal connection to stained glass because of his Scottish heritage and has dedicated his life's work to its preservation and continuity. Using the same techniques which have been passed down for generations, Martin uses his expertise to create custom stained glass windows for Colorado Springs homes, businesses, and churches. He and his team have performed countless restorations for aging and antique stained glass and have produced over 50,000 original works to date.

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