Create beauty for your Colorado Springs windows.

Create beauty for your Colorado Springs windows.

In the homes of Colorado Springs, stained glass windows are not yet all that common, but we are hoping to change that. Perhaps you’ve always admired stained glass, but considered it much more suitable for a church or a public facility. Something with huge windows and the need for drama and bright colors.

It might, then, surprise you to learn that for our residential customers in Colorado Springs, stained glass windows are usually done in the style we refer to as “leaded” glass: namely, without much color or no color at all.

Here’s why these leaded stained glass windows work for homes and offices.

1. They can be custom built to fit any size or shape window.

2. They can be custom designed in any style at all, to match with and complement your home’s décor or your house’s architecture.

3. They are frequently made with frosted, textured, clear, and beveled glass, so they will match with any color scheme and continue to match, even if you redecorate.

4. They make a subtle yet stunning statement in any room, lending elegance, class, sophistication, and a high-end designer look to your dwelling.

5. They add value to a home, and if you decide to sell, these “colorless” windows are sure to also match your buyer’s color scheme.


Now, that’s not to say that you cannot have the traditional colored stained glass in your home as well. Many of our clients do. When you work with Colorado Springs Stained Glass, windows are custom designed, hand crafted, and installed in your home to your specifications.

The one thing both our colorful stained glass and our colorless leaded stained glass windows have in common? They both add great beauty to your home. They can also add privacy, for example, in the sidelights next to your front door in your entryway. Or in any window or glass in your bathroom.

In Colorado Springs, stained glass windows run the gamut of styles from Art Deco to depictions of Aspens! Our clients all have their own unique tastes and their own visions for their homes. We build out windows to suit those tastes. Do you love antique designs in your bedroom? Is your dining room’s bay window calling out for some Mission style stained glass? Is your newly remodeled and beautifully decorated basement missing some Celtic style stained glass to cover those ugly well windows with pieces of genuine art?

Here at Colorado Stained Glass, windows and doors done in your style are our passion. So why not contact us today and set up appointment with one of our designers?

Martin Faith is a highly skilled stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. He has been studying the history, evolution, and techniques behind stained glass creation for over 35 years. Since 1991, he has been running his own stained glass studio based out of Colorado. Martin feels a personal connection to stained glass because of his Scottish heritage and has dedicated his life's work to its preservation and continuity. Using the same techniques which have been passed down for generations, Martin uses his expertise to create custom stained glass windows for Colorado Springs homes, businesses, and churches. He and his team have performed countless restorations for aging and antique stained glass and have produced over 50,000 original works to date.

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