Beautiful beveled stained glass

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Beautiful beveled stained glass

For our clients in Colorado Springs, beveled stained glass is one of their favorites. We do a lot of leaded and beveled stained glass for residential clients. This type of stained glass has a lot of advantages in a home. But before we get into them, lets discus what beveled glass is for those who are unfamiliar.

Colorado Springs, beveled stained glass has been around a long time. We’d bet you’ve seen it before. Usually, glass is cut perpendicular to the surface, making a nice neat ninety degree angle. But with beveled glass, a special thick piece of glass is cut with a different angle. When these angles are joined, it creates a piece of stained glass with interesting patterns and textures. And the bevels themselves refract the sunlight passing through them in interesting and beautiful ways.

So interest, elegance, and beauty are one of the main appeals of this type of stained glass. But it also has practical benefits as well.

Click here to see some of our gorgeous Colorado Springs beveled stained glass designs. Can you imagine this style of stained glass in your home’s entryway, bathroom, or even basement windows?

Beveled stained glass is also as practical as it is beautiful because it can add privacy to any window or glass door. The beveled glass can be combined with frosted or textured glass to add privacy in a home’s entryway, bathroom windows, or anywhere else in the home where more privacy is desired.


And for clients in Colorado Springs, beveled stained glass of this type can even let in more light. Let’s take a home’s entryway as an example. Many homeowners don’t like the idea that strangers or sales people can come to the door and see inside their homes. The sometimes cover the sidelights on either side of the front door with cloth or paper, blocking the light. But with beveled stained glass, Colorado Springs homeowners can block prying eyes while still letting in the light. And even more light can be let inside by adding matching leaded and beveled stained glass to the front door itself.

Why not take a look at our entryway photo gallery, to see what we are talking about? Notice how much more light is coming through in the entryways that have added stained glass to the front door as well as the sidelights and transom windows?

For homes and offices in Colorado Springs, beveled stained glass adds a high-end, designer look to any room. And because this style of stained glass is made with colorless glass, it can match or complement any décor, and any color scheme.

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Martin Faith is a highly skilled stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. He has been studying the history, evolution, and techniques behind stained glass creation for over 35 years. Since 1991, he has been running his own stained glass studio based out of Colorado. Martin feels a personal connection to stained glass because of his Scottish heritage and has dedicated his life's work to its preservation and continuity. Using the same techniques which have been passed down for generations, Martin uses his expertise to create custom stained glass windows for Colorado Springs homes, businesses, and churches. He and his team have performed countless restorations for aging and antique stained glass and have produced over 50,000 original works to date.

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