Signs that Your Colorado Springs Church Stained Glass is Ready for Repair or Restoration

Signs that Your Colorado Springs Church Stained Glass is Ready for Repair or Restoration

Did you know that stained glass can actually last for centuries if it undergoes the proper periodic restorations? That’s how many of the historic stained glass pieces around the world have stayed intact for so many years. In order to ensure your treasured church stained glass stays in good condition for many generations, it is vital to understand the signs that indicate restoration is in order. There are numerous signifiers that showcase significant deterioration– being proactive about restorations can definitely save you more money in the long run while guaranteeing that no permanent damage happens.

How to Tell if Your Colorado Springs Religious Stained Glass Needs Repair or Restoration

Minor damage can happen at anytime. This type of damage doesn’t necessarily require restoration– however, timely repairs is always recommended before further damage occurs. Minor scratches can usually be buffed out while some more moderate damage may require repairs without removing your stained glass windows. When more considerable damage is apparent, these tend to be indicators that your stained glass is ready for restoration. If the lead came, the supporting frame, begins to soften, disintegrate, become mishapen, or no longer supports the glass pieces, then your church stained glass requires restoration. When it comes to the glass, if you notice warped shapes, concave or convex, missing pieces, cracks, etc., these are also signs that your stained glass needs restoration. If your stained glass has plexiglass, chances are that it probably needs restoration– plexiglass traps heat and leads to discoloration.

Get Expert Advice on Church Stained Glass Repairs and Restoration

If you’re uncertain if your stained glass needs repair, restoration, or replacement, get a second opinion from the experts. We’ve specialized in stained glass repairs and restorations for decades and are happy to help you better understand the condition of your windows.

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