Custom stained glass for your Colorado Springs doors.

Custom stained glass for your Colorado Springs doors.

If you’re a resident of Colorado Springs and are looking for a way to give your entryway some unique style, we have an answer. There are very few things that can give your door a unique look like custom stained glass.

With stained glass doors, Colorado Springs homeowners can add their own uniqueness and distinctive tastes to their home in an elegant and eye-catching way. We know, after our twenty years in business, that when most people think of stained glass, they immediately thing of windows. Not doors. And they are frequently surprised when we mention adding stained glass to their doors.

But when it comes to stained glass doors, Colorado Springs entryways may be in sore need of them. Do you live in one of those developments where every house looks the same? This is the perfect way to give your home some individuality.

Take a look at our entryway gallery, and see how much more dramatic the entryways are that have added stained glass to the front door, nor just the sidelights next to it. By the way, you can click on any of those thumbnail images to enlarge it and see the detail and workmanship that has gone into it.


If you think your front door is the only place we add stained glass, you are in for some more surprises. Another popular place for custom stained glass doors, Colorado Springs residents are surprised to hear, is in the kitchen!

Yes, custom stained glass is frequently added to kitchen cabinet doors to give the kitchen a whole new look and feel. But the fact is, any door can have a stained glass panel made as an insert. Do you already have French doors? Stained glass is simply stunning in that type of a door. Do you have any sliding glass doors? Again, stained glass gives them an incredible look, whether they are shower doors or patio doors.

Stained glass doors, Colorado Springs homes, and our custom stained glass company – together, we are a fantastic combination for outstanding home décor.

If you are in the market for stained glass windows, consider that adding a matching panel to any nearby doors will amp up the power and eye-catching appeal multifold. Do you have a wine cellar? What about a stained glass door panel with a grape vine design? Do you have an office that’s kind of dark? What about a stained glass panel in your office door that will still afford you privacy, but will let the light from other rooms flow through?

When it comes to custom stained glass doors, Colorado Springs customers who work with us can have absolutely any style, pattern, design, or colors that they prefer. Why not contact us today?

Martin Faith is a highly skilled stained glass artisan from Glasgow, Scotland. He has been studying the history, evolution, and techniques behind stained glass creation for over 35 years. Since 1991, he has been running his own stained glass studio based out of Colorado. Martin feels a personal connection to stained glass because of his Scottish heritage and has dedicated his life's work to its preservation and continuity. Using the same techniques which have been passed down for generations, Martin uses his expertise to create custom stained glass windows for Colorado Springs homes, businesses, and churches. He and his team have performed countless restorations for aging and antique stained glass and have produced over 50,000 original works to date.

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